What's in it for Companies?

Hire with ease and confidence!

Find the right professional in minutes* and use our AI Score and Explainability model to make your hiring decisions with confidence.

Hire Professionals with the right skills!

We help you save your time and money in the hiring process by leveraging our AI engine to screen professionals for the right skills, filter bloated or fake resumes and then AI ranked by how suitable they are for your job role.

Our algorithm leverages a bias-free model for skill assessments and measurements of the professional to ensure you get the best vetted talent for your role.

Our machine learning algorithms rank the candidates like a human recruiter by taking into account a candidates expertise area, skills, validated skills, industry background, educational history and professional interests.

Save Time & Money

On average, we help reduce our clients hiring cost by 80% in time and money spent. We guarantee to get instant access to quality talent tailored to your position and company.

In our pilot study, 1 professional from the top 5 recommended is hired with a 100% success rate

We rank the professionals in under 60 seconds and sourcing takes 24-48 hours depending on the role requirements.

Widest Sourcing

Our platform integrated with top leading job portals to broaden your reach and sourcing of professionals. A single click on Expertia would source candidates from India's top job portals! This automatically makes it the best place for companies to broadcast their job openings!

Integrated with Your services!

Our APIs are exposed to integrate with the services and platforms you use. Be it WhatsApp, HRMS/SAP tools. You can chose to get real time updates and integrations based on your convenience!